Take Deep Breaths | Monday Morning Mantra's by Chrisette Michele

Instagram: @chrisettemichele

Instagram: @chrisettemichele

Is anybody even breathing anymore? Are we all zombies running ahead at the speed of life, updating our iPhones, speeding on expensive coffees and binge-watching our favorite reality series on our day off?  At what point in the week do we put time aside to pull in a deep breath and release? Can we hear our thoughts? Can we hear our own ideas?

Take some time to breathe today, alone and in silence. Get alone with your own thoughts. Let them ease thru your body, breathing in and out, hearing the breath and feeling it. Experience where in your body the breath goes. Experience gratitude for the breath. Experience refreshing from the breath. Before you rush back to moving as fast as an airplane, be alright with the bigness of breath itself. You didn't create it. You didn't give it to yourself. You can’t control it, but with out it you are with out life. Let that be humbling. Let that remind you not to take any moment for granted. Let that remind you not to be moved by the frenzy of the day. The truth is, none of these moments we are rushing to are promised. All we have is this breath to be the best we can. 

Experience this life with your conscious grasp on each breath. In and out, with gratitude, with ease and with humility. 

With Love, 

Chrisette Michele


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