Love Is Big | Monday Morning Mantra's by Chrisette Michele

Instagram: @ChrisetteMichele

Instagram: @ChrisetteMichele

Ever loose faith in love? A bad break-up? A disappointment in life? Maybe you lost a close friend?

Every once in a while something happens and we get discouraged about the existence of love. I wanted to give you a little squeeze around the waist and remind you that even though the world can feel cold at times, love still exists. It’s so important that we see love in the little things. The budding of a flower. The birthing of a child. The waking to a new sunrise. 

Love is bigger than us. Often we have to look for it in the ways that may not be connected to a person but to the very existence of it. Breath. Birds chirping. A warm cup of tea. Let love appear in ways that you didn't look for it before. Search for it in ways that soften your soul. Refresh your mind. Calm your muscles. Calm your spirit. 

Perhaps its with a morning stretch. Perhaps its with a long walk thru nature. Maybe it’s a meal you cook yourself. Experience love by looking for it in ways you never thought of. Before you know it, you’ll be surprised at how surrounded you feel by love.  Love is so available if you would just take the time to seek it out in the simplest ways. It’s big enough to fill every void. It’s great enough to soothe every ache. It’s big if you’re bold enough to seek it in every form. Let it be what makes you smile. Let it be what brings you peace. Allow it to be what warms your soul. Enjoy it and revel in it. 

Open up that broken heart again. Breathe thru those disappointments. Forgive those old hurts and pains. Fill those places with the love you seek and love itself will be attracted to the love you in turn have with in. I promise. 

With Love, 

Chrisette Michele


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