Monday Morning Mantra : "I Come To The Day With Great Expectations Just as I am"

Instagram: @ChrisetteMichele

Instagram: @ChrisetteMichele

A brown curvy girl with heart...


I don't have to change who I am to expect a great day to meet me. I was made fearfully and wonderfully. My dreams are ok. My goals aren't un-reachable.  I was created to achieve.


By description, I'm spunky. I play. I play in clothes, in wigs, in nail polish, in shoes, on stages, on red carpets, at parties and events.


I wear my curves with pride. I dress them with love. I celebrate them when I walk, when I stand, when I dance, when I cross my legs and when I exercise.


I live for the day. I experience it. I internalize it. I become part of it. I listen to its moments and take them in. I participate in the day. I give to the moment. I am here. As myself.


Describe yourself. Don't edit you. Bring YOU to the day. You're worth it... 


And I am beautiful. Colored brown. From head to toe. I come to the day, curvy, spirited, comfortable and brown, alive and well with great expectations, just as I am.


I love you, 


Chrisette Michele


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