Monday Morning Mantra : Be Authentically You

From my Instagram : @ChrisetteMichele

From my Instagram : @ChrisetteMichele

Every body wants to be great! Sometimes we are surrounded by so much amazing talent or success that we forget how special we are. Often, in a competitive world, we must remind ourselves that our stake or claim in the territory we occupy is just as valid as the person next to us. 


Today's Monday Mantra just says "I will be a vessel by being authentically me".  That's the assignment when you find yourself chasing every idea you see someone else has, or when you keep changing yours to save face with the ideas around you.   I want to encourage you to remember, God made you special. He knew where you would go and how you effect everywhere He put you. Honor His genius by being the great YOU that He created you to be.


Fitting in usually feels better for a while.  When you've lost so much of your original intention, however, you lose your fervor.  It's better to take the chance and be authentic, even in an environment where your authenticity isn't matched.


Always remember, you've been invited for a reason. Everyone around you may not be aware of your value, but Life Himself chose you to walk your path. Be a vessel by being authentically you.


I love you! 




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