Monday Morning Mantra | "I'll Go Where I'm Sent"

I'll go where I'm sent



Today's Mantra is fairly simple. Well, in concept anyway.


Conviction is the most uncomfortable yet freeing feeling. It's the experience that happens when you hear the truth and it hits you like a ton of bricks. If you're brave enough to react to it, a load is lifted. If you ignore it, then you carry it with you everywhere you go and it's as heavy as a truck. I know. I've ignored convictions before.


Sometimes convictions are things that you feel like you shouldn't do, but everyone else does and you don't see the harm in it. Maybe it's cursing. Maybe it's lying. Perhaps it's not huge lies or you don't really care about the people you lie to. If you walk away from the experience and still carry the moment with you, you feel conviction.


Sometimes convictions are theologically sound ideas that you were taught years ago and over the years you've decided to be less strict about. Sex out of wedlock? Drugs and alcohol? Prayer and scripture study? Respecting your elders?


Can I be honest? With out my intention, this blog has become sort of a diary. I find myself sharing things I didn't plan. I know that I'm not alone in my life experiences and sharing them can lift someone else out of a dark place or emptiness that they felt no one else could relate to. Can I tell you a secret? The other day I was in the club. I was paid a crap load of cash to walk in with some friends and family, stand on the couches, dance and sing 3 songs. I had one drink. Cranberry juice with an apple flavored liquor. Fairly lightweight right?


When I woke up the next morning, I felt in my  heart, "I don't wanna drink alcohol anymore". I replayed the nights events. I wondered why I felt this conviction. I wasn't drunken. I didn't have a hang over. I didn't do something I was ashamed of (well, actually standing on couches with my best friend and 5 cousins is a little silly but... Nothing to be ashamed of... Persay). Why did my heart say, "no more drinking"?


Truth is? I'm not sure. Maybe God is calling me to be an example of something I don't yet understand. I've had many convictions over the years. Giving back, mentoring youth, singing in church, celibacy, praying often, having a message in my art, studying my word and so much more. Following those convictions and resisting the urge to dishonor them has catapulted me to many places in my life. I no longer feel the obligation to explain why I'm leaving things or people behind. People can call me "back slidden". They can say, "but she used to do this". I'm done worrying if people who appear "holier than thou" will accept me for being human. Releasing my convictions is private mostly. Those releases have catapulted me to my greatest moments. From Grammy's to amazing friendships, being found by the man who loves me when I felt convicted to sell all my things and pray more. You never know where  honoring your soul will take you. Honor the words you hear clearly in your God centered soul. Let's do that together. Me and you.


Today, I challenge you/us to follow that pretty heart of yours. The things you feel you shouldn't do, don't do. Going where you're sent requires leaving behind what you feel convicted to leave behind. Be encouraged. You aren't alone in your journey. I'm with you, Rich Hipster Nation is with you. All of us are always giving something up or fighting the urge to keep it. Today I make a commitment to let go of alcohol. Does that mean I was a bad person before? No. Does that mean God wasn't gonna let me in the gates 2 days ago? Mmmm... I can't really call it. But what I will say, is that releasing myself of convictions one day at a time, is the most freeing, heart warming, fulfilling way to live. Every thing I let go of, is replaced with light, love, forgiveness and freedom. Take me up on this offering.


I challenge you today to let go of what you feel called to let go of. Run after who you know you're called to be.


Now let's do this:


Say it with me, "I'll go where I'm sent and wave goodbye to what I'm convicted to let go of". You ready? We're in this together. Push past those human urges and follow that voice that leads you to your rightful place.


I love you with all of my heart and it means everything to walk this life journey with you, growing together one day at a time. Keep God first and the possibilities are endless!


So many hugs,




Chrisette Michele

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