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Chris? How do you write your blogs?

Instagram: @ChrisetteMichele

Instagram: @ChrisetteMichele


Writing is so fun for me. It's even therapeutic. I'm a professional songwriter but blogging is just as challenging. Mostly because of wanting to give consistent material with the same tone, feeling and subject matter. I've enjoyed the process of blog writing. It's really helping me to release the creativity I harbor in between albums.


Here's my blog writing process in five fun steps:

1. Just a thought - I might suddenly get the answer to a question someone asked me. It might just spark in my mind. Or, I might be reading a great book (I'm ALWAYS READING) and I'm suddenly super inspired to write down an idea. Don't take those delicious sudden bursts of thought for granted. If they aren't just for you, don't be stingy! Give your thoughts! 

2. Letter to a friend - I like the tone of friendship. So that's the way I write my blogs. I open up my notes section on my phone and make believe I'm sending a friend who asked a question a super long text.  I usually have a friend in mind. I might be thinking about a favorite cousin or a group of girls from my youth group. I keep people in my head when I'm writing and picture their response. Sometimes I'll even add my response to their response ... Like I might write "I know right?" Or "yes girl... I'm serious", after an un-believable point. 
My favorite way to be is personable. It gives me the confidence to be fully honest. Being personable means that if I'm saying something that someone doesn't agree with, at the very least, I said it as myself. It leaves out the guess work. It's like, I don't have to wonder if they were offended by my tone. They simply have a differing opinion. I'm ok with that.  (Am I rambling? Ok... Let's move on.)

3. Is it blog appropriate? - Once the letter is written I usually leave it alone. I don't even look at it again until it's posting time. I've got tons of letters just sitting in my notes section or laptop waiting for post days. I think it's important to let the idea breathe. When I come back to the letter later, I realize, oh that's no good or OMG that's PERFECT for what's going on right now! On post days I think about what I would like to say, and what the subject matter should be. I scroll thru my letters and pick a winner.

4. Doctoring it up - This is my favorite part. I enjoy this step in songwriting also. (Take my course on Artist Development if you wanna learn about that!) This is the part where I...

• Give the post a title

• Read thru the post to see what coincides with the title and what doesn't

• Add a warm ending or introduction based on who I believe my current audience is

• Add any promotions or special sales, links to other things I'd like to share or marketing I believe the reader may have interest in. (Like This 🙃)
This part can be a little painful because I do a lot of subtracting here. I think that's important. Don't wanna over-friend the audience. We're cool but, ain't no body got time for a novel.

5. Share it with a smart person who thinks you're an idiot - Well, that's not nice but someone who doesn't sugar coat. I'll be honest, this step bores me. I can be so big headed sometimes that I think my post is BRILLIANT. I'll share it with a pal and they'll be like, "ma'am... No.", so as a female artist in the music industry who hates the word "no", I'm pretty stubborn. I don't ALWAYS do this step, but I quite likely should. I like sharing with my mom. A cousin. Someone who "looks like the audience you wanna speak to".  I make sure to do it if I'm not positive if it's appropriate. I recently kept a post to myself because it was a little too personal so early on in our blogging relationship. This step can bruise your ego a little bit, but I'd rather one critic who loves me than a critic who doesn't know how sensitive I am.

A couple of quick thoughts? Keep your subject matter clear and concise. Answer your blog email questions. Hang out in the comment section at least 1x a week. You're building a relationship with real living people. You'll grow to love them as they grow to love you but like any relationship, it takes time, effort and consistency.


Well! That's how I write my blogs! I hope all you aspiring writers and blog writers were inspired to keep pushing! Tell me in the comments which of the five steps spoke to you the most!  

With love, from a learning blogger,
Chrisette Michele


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