This Is Positive Thinking

Instagram : @ChrisetteMichele

Instagram : @ChrisetteMichele


Positive thinking is simple actually. It's simply imagining the best instead of imagining the worst. 

Before I begin each day I take out 20 minutes to imagine it. I don't leave my bedroom or hotel room with out seeing my day in the best way before I experience it. I do believe that positive thinking influences what comes to me and what I experience, how I perceive the day and how it affects me. 

Try this exercise in positive thinking. It's one of my most treasured practices.

 1. Sit in a quiet place

2. Close your eyes

Breathe in and see where you are now in your mind. See the place where you sit. See your body.












 What will you do this morning? Imagine the most positive outcome for your day's first task. Is it a healthy breakfast? What will you eat? Envision ur food... It's flavor...

 What's next?

 Go thru your day. Morning, work, children... Each part of the day from its beginning to end. Imagine how wonderfully you will do in every task you have set for the day.

Imagine all of the positive outcomes from the beginning of the day till its ending. How will you rest when your day is done. What pajamas will you wear?

 Breathe deep into your day. Send positive emotion towards it.

 Breathe positive thoughts to the people you will share it with. Breathe. In out. 

Once more.

Open your eyes.

Experience your day knowing that you have an intention. Breathe as life happens today. Expect positive outcomes. Think of them and breathe into them before they arrive.

This is positive thinking.

Today as you go thru your experience, remember back to the things you imagined for yourself. When you find yourself IMAGINING something that isn't positive, stop yourself. The truth is, the negativity you're imagining hasn't happened and it isn't true. So don't take the time to worry about it. Sometimes I imagine there will be unicorns in my dressing room. It's better than worrying about some negative thing I've conjured up in my mind.  

Be be as bright and full of light as you desire. There's nothing wrong with thinking highly of a day you haven't experienced. The same way you can fear a day, imagining the worst outcomes, you can welcome a day, imagining the best.   I hope this simple positivity exercise was helpful. 

Imagine the best with positive thinking and I guarantee you'll have better days ahead.


Chrisette Michele

Let me know down below in the comments if you tried this and how it affected you. Tell me also if you would like to have this as an audio talk thru ❤️ 


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