Monday Morning Mantra | I Will Go With the Flow Observant and Active

I will go with the flow, observant and active.

Instagram @chrisettemichele

Instagram @chrisettemichele


It's a wonderful thing to have ambition, be goal oriented, push past your limits. An equal skill is stillness.


Often times we are told that we need to hustle. We are warned to "watch out for so and so" because they're on our tail. We run as fast as we can to un-thought out, un-formed, under-prepared paths just because we want to be the first. Meanwhile, there's someone miles behind us, gracefully absorbing the lessons and applying them to their progress.


Experience today. Look at it from many perspectives. Breathe "at" it. If there's a moment in the day that "doesn't suit you", breathe in its direction. Literally. Take a look at what you've decided doesn't "work for you". See it. Breathe towards it. Smile towards it.


Going with the flow doesn't mean being pushed aimlessly in every direction. It doesn't mean you are mindless or irresponsible. It means that you are putting your ego to rest by having gratitude for the things the Almighty has put in your path to bless you and test you.


I asked God to open doors for me to act. Suddenly I was given 4 roles in 4 plays, back to back. I was home for about 20 days in total for an entire year. The chef never cooked anything vegan. I had to create dishes that I could make in a hotel room. I spent nights in hotel rooms that were freezing as the winter came around. We'd sleep in our coats instead of bugging the hotel concierge in the middle of the night. Props fell out of the 50 foot theatre ceiling and close to my head. Actors were let go or added on left and right. Lines changed weekly as we would shift each play to suit the new audience. It was tumultuous. I couldn't see my family for their birthdays or holidays. I didn't get to celebrate new love the way I wanted to. And I missed my bed. It would be natural for me to say "I don't like this, let me run somewhere else. Somewhere better. Somewhere that suits me." But that would be a lot of nerve. I asked to act. Acting came to me. It's a blessing to my finances and my artistic ability. Going with the flow doesn't mean standing by and being taken advantage of. It means waiting out the noise and disruption around what you asked for.


After 13 months of acting non-stop, 2 huge opportunities have risen. I can't share them just yet, but one involves the beautiful cast members of Love Jones and another involves cameras. If I would have run away from the moments I needed to breathe into, I would have forfeited the "rest of what I prayed for".


Today be mindful as you stand still. Remember what you prayed for and be faithful till the end. You'll know when it's truly time to walk away. The door will open widely before you. Find the grace to go with the flow, observant, attentive, actively breathing toward every part of the journey that challenges you. Wear that slight smile. Focus a soft eye before you and see the light ahead.


With Love,


Chrisette Michele


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