Monday Morning Mantra | "I Am Victorious"

Instagram: @chrisettemichele

Instagram: @chrisettemichele

Not every experience I have is as wonderful backstage as it seems on the outside. Getting onto red carpet lines is a total drag. You have to drive your car around the block a few times until the lady who announces each celebrity is ready for you.  

There's a mob of people on the actual carpet pushing their way thru like a NYC street on Thanksgiving, trying to get their client the best interviews. 

Someone with your best interest keeps walking up to your face and dusting you with powder, pushing pins into your hair and tugging at your skirt so that by the time you arrive at the "event" you're frazzled from interview questions, "look this way" shouts and flashing lights. You smile. Because there's a camera somewhere all the time at every party and god-forbid you take a bad picture.

Before you can even check Instagram to see what website posted the best pic of you, Media Take-out has already done a story on the size of your new breasts. (Also known as a new bra, thanks.) ... But you push thru. 


Show time is everybody's favorite hour. The audience stands waiting for the music to begin. Everything you've spent years practicing is at the tip of your tongue and you wait for the curtains to open when someone walks over to you from production and says, "take out scene 4, 5 and 6. Don't lean on the tables today, they aren't secure and there's no 2nd verse in the 3rd song, the piano just broke". As much as you'd like to remember this all, you're nerves are frazzled from the last minute changes and you forget your lines in Act 1, scene 1. But you push thru and at the end of the night, the audience cheers during your bow and luckily, you made it. 

Autograph signings are a favorite. But there are moments there too that should be avoided. Then there are the road trips with the movies and the potato chip runs in-between cities. The massages for the aching muscles. Hair & makeup over the road breakouts. Nothing has one angle. Everything has facets. But we push thru.

In order to create humility in us, our circumstance can't be perfect. We have to learn stamina, "chin-up-ness" and "pick-it-up-ness". Life is NUTS! We get hit left and right with things we would never imagine. Heart breaking, back breaking, exhausting stuff. The testimony isn't how we made it thru a breeze of a life, it's how we made it thru the storms. They make us stronger, more resilient and tough. 

The thing about storms is, most people looking at me, don't know when I'm going thru one. It's not my responsibility to display the pain. It's my responsibility to deliver the child God has planted in my belly and gift the world with what was birthed thru me. The stage lighting isn't my responsibility. The lines are. I will never have all the perfect perks. But if I can just manage to remember most of the lines that I've been given and shine the light from within, I can make it to the other side. Victorious. 

Decide to be victorious today. Push thru. Remember your goal. Remember His promise. Remember your lines. The ones planted deep in your soul. Be diligent and don't get weary in well-doing. On the other side, you will reap, if you don't give up.

I love you and I hope you're encouraged today. What ever you're going thru is only a test for your testimony. Push thru my love.




Chrisette Michele


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PS... I dedicate this post to the loves of my life who I just spent the last 4 months with, the Love Jones cast, crew and leasership. It hasn't been easy. We have literally cried, had feelings we may not be proud of, and laughed hysterically. I am stronger for it. I am better for it and I have new friendships from it. I love you each, thru thick and thin. We made it to the other side (and back 👀). You are brave, loyal and resilient. You are hard workers and humble. Cheers! Till next time. You each have my love.  


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