Work-life Wednesdays | "How to balance Love/Work relationships"

Finding balance in the workplace ... When you work with your man, friend or family



This is a tough one! I get this question all the time! While it seems so simple to me because I've been doing it for years, I totally understand how it can be a serious adjustment to work with the one you love.


I love working woth my man. He runs a successful clothing line where he functions as a designer and CEO. He runs a car service business with one of his business partners, he flips houses and he runs a music production and management company. His lady is managed by his company and writes for his production company. She runs her own record label, acts, and sings. Along with those collaborations we promote shows together, garnering radio promo, tv ads, organizing travel and rehearsals etc. Our plates are full but somehow we manage to be inseparable. I was able to apply the following tips to my mother and I when she was my manager also. I think these tips are universal for relationships that have a strong personal connection along with a business connection. I hope they help you. 


Here's my offering:


1. Value his expertise and leave that area alone


If he is a mathematical genius, who manages banking well, is timely with bills and great with accounting, don't insist on dabbling in the finances when he's comfortable doing so.


If you've got a degree in songwriting and he has one in production, leave your producer hat in the closet when he gets to the studio.


2. Create exploration alone time


Take time out of your week to get alone. Let that be the time for you to experiment and explore parts of you that you're shy to share in front of your teammate. Maybe you want to create a company logo on your phone but you aren't comfortable sharing your vision. Perhaps you want to learn Spanish to talk to new clients but your a little embarrassed learning in front of your partner. Perhaps you need yoga time to calm you down after meetings.


Take your personal exploration alone time and don't feel obligated to share it. Once you're comfortable in that space, you can present it to your teammate if you desire to, but not out of obligation.


Before shows, my team leaves my dressing room, I roll out my yoga mat and burn candles and do sun salutations to the backstage walls until I'm ready & grounded for showtime. I get frazzled meeting 100's of people every night. I'm moved by the many many peoples energy. I need to be grounded. I won't apologize for that. I ask for my space with love and with out being disrespectful and I'm usually completely understood. Besides, if they laugh, that's ok. As long as they give me the 15-30 minutes I need.


3. Ask before you take leaps


The courtesy and respect of asking your mate before you make big business decisions keeps both parties feeling safe, secure and able to trust. It's also important to hear other points of view before making big decisions.


Take the time out to present your question professionally. Want your cousin to design a website for the company. Invite your cousin over, introduce her to your man. Have her show him her latest website designs. Just because he's your man doesn't mean he can always "see" what's in your head. Don't let that frustrate you. Respect them just like you would any co-worker in corporate America and be professional.


4. Celebrate each other's individual successes


I know you're both tired or you both may work the same hours but you're exerting your energy in different ways. When your teammate gets a new lead don't down play it by talking about something you did that day. Celebrate them without thinking about how much you did that day.


Celebrating each other's individual successes increases morale and makes both individuals feel appreciated.


5. Don't stop being a spouse


You're still a wife. You're still a husband. A friend, mother whatever. Separate yourself from the business and be a mate. Make plans outside of work.


Sometimes I make a backstage picnic for me n babe. He's always building his businesses on his computer or taking calls backstage. Sometimes I'll order Italian, light a bunch of candles in my dressing room, have a bottle of wine and escape with some music for an hour. I won't talk about the show or doing my makeup. I'll just focus on the yummy food and pray that no one interrupts us. It's spouse time. Find time for spouse time. That's an order. A spouse, a friend or family member needs to know that they are loved and needed outside of what will make money. They need to know that you like their company and love them for who they are.


These are my five tips to having a successful work/love relationship. The two key factors are Value and Trust. Make your partner feel valued with celebration and respect and build trust by being upfront and professional.


I love you so much and I wish you well in your love & business endeavors. Tell me your favorite tip and how you'll apply it in the comments section below. You know I comment back. ❤️




Chrisette Michele


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