Work-life Wednesday's | "How to Have 5 Jobs in 5 Easy Steps"


How to Have 5 Jobs

 Ok so, maybe you don't have 5 actual jobs. Maybe you just have 3. Maybe you blog, teach elementary school and attend French classes.  What ever the case may be, I know what it's like to have so much going on and sort of wonder how you can do it all with out goin' cray!

I look at having five jobs kind of like being in high school and studying 5 subjects. I carry five journals/books/planners. Five separate places to give my undivided attention to.  Be patient with yourself. Multi-passionate people have to be ok with execution taking time. A little progress at a time in each job will get it all done before you know it.  Don't forget to sign up for Rich Hipster University before you leave today. I have so much more I wanna share for my fans who create!

Here's my advice on how to have 5 jobs.

1. Allot a specific amount of time each day or each week to each job.

 Plan it out. Set up in a planner exactly when each job will be catered to.

This means, having one planner that spells out who gets attention when. Maybe your t shirt business gets attention on Saturday mornings from 10-2 and Thursday's after bible study from 10-11:30 pm.

Maybe your blog gets attention on Monday mornings between 6-9 am

 Giving yourself a specific amount of time and sticking to it, gives you the ability to execute realistic goals because you will make goal decisions based on the time you have available.

 2. Create an end goal.

Perhaps you want 4 blogs written by the end of the month.  Maybe you want to create flyers, business cards and promotional posters by next Saturday. Write these goals out.

 3. Separate your goals.

 Don't clutter all of your plans on one piece of paper. Have separate places where each "job" is written and planned. Mapping out your plans and your schedule for one job shouldn't be distracted by the next job. Respect your different talents and gifts by giving them each their own space.

4. Have work stations. 

Sometimes it's hard to cater to multiple budding businesses in a small space. Try and separate your workstations. You can use simple things like blogging from your favorite pink chair if you're a blogger and then making calls for your t-shirt business from the yellow couch. Maybe when you work on your babysitting business you burn candles. Try to change the ambiance when you change gears or jobs. Try and re-create the same ambiance per job all the time.

 For instance, when I'm working on my website, I burn vanilla candles, take out all my gold folders and place them all over my desk and play 90's music. Then, when I'm getting ready for my performance (from the same backstage desk or table) all my make-up is set up, I turn on the mirror lights from the backstage mirrors and I put my favorite pink striped Dr. Stacia pillow case on the back of my makeup chair and play 2000's pop.  It's how I change gears to change jobs. My mind sub-consciously gets trained to switch and I have an easier time feeling refreshed for the next assignment.

5. Lastly always create a time line.

 Be realistic about the amount of time you have to get to each goal by setting small goals in the time allotted and mapping them out till the end. This will give you a clear and realistic time scheme for how long it will take to get from the beginning to the end. If you feel like you need to be done sooner, then prioritize what should stay and what can go. That's often the hardest part in being creative. No body wants to cut away at their ideas. It comes with the territory of timely execution. You can put the project on hold or you can push thru believing that now is the time (look out for procrastination and laziness... More on that in another blog). At the very least you'll have a clear path of where you're going, when you're working on it and what time you'll get there.

Welp! That's what I have to share! Let me know how this helped. Tell me where I can go into more detail and I'll work on something special just for you! I can't wait to show you what I created based on your comments from last weeks blog! So excited! 

As always, I love you with all my heart and it's my dream to give you pieces of me, that you might go where ever you imagine. I hope this helped a little! Keep your head in the game. You got this!


 Chrisette Michele


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