"6 Days to Centered"



It's interesting.


My spirit is always ready, 25 steps in front of me waving "COME ON CHRISSY!!! YOU CAN DO IT!" Like a personal trainer in a really intimidating gym.


My body out of breath looks ahead at my spirit and tries to shout, "I'm coming" but with too many Cheetos, cheeseburgers and other in-digestible earthly indulgences, I'm sluggish, tired and beaten by the norms of the day.


And then there is my beautiful mind filling in the gap between where I've come from and where I'm going. Logicizing which direction is best.  I stand, in the middle of it all, with nothing more than the desire to make others happy, forgetting that I exist.


This is the constant experience that I have on an off day. I'm learning gradually how to be more available fully to the callings of my spirit, my personal trainer. She knows more than I'll ever fully understand and her intention has God in it. I'm blessed to know her well.


My sacrifice as a human being is to feed those three individuals. Mind, body, soul.  I find that I often neglect one or two of them at a time and then collapse when I'm completely out of air.


Today I'm remembering to experience self love for all of my makeup. All of my being.


I'm constantly experimenting with new natural ideas. Like scheduling, or adding or letting go of... Things like massage for the body, an audio book listen for the mind or meditation writing for the spirit. These are smart enhancements to life... But then there is that space. That space all around the gym of life between my trainer and I. Someone is on the treadmill and my ego is suddenly a track star. May I use the treadmill? I look around and see a pretty girl in a super cute pink track suit and suddenly my gym clothes, my garments aren't good enough. May I hit the mall for a new appearance? Validation needs get in the way. And I'm chasing someone else's goal. I'm chasing someone else's ideal. I'm training for the wrong race. By the time my spirit gets my attention, I'm exhausted, wishing for an applause that I'll never receive.


The truth is, with out a grasp on yourself. Your mind, your body, your spirit. You are never paying your SELF enough attention to get to where your spirit leads. If you could settle in to the body, mind and soul you've been given, you have a guide. You have the equipment, you have the package to go where your truth lies, but your beautiful eyes are too wide open.


May I lovingly present this experiment. You'll need a full Monday-Sunday... A few days ahead to plan it all (try starting today), a planner and an alarm set on your phone or clock as a reminder.




"6 Days to a Centered Sunday"


Start off by answering the following questions. Write the answers down on a clean sheet of paper.


Where does your body show up? When can you feel your body speak to you the most? For me I am most connected to my body during massage and yoga. It is when I can hear it speak. I know if it feels good, if there is an ache, if it needs rest. Where does your body show up for you?


Where does your mind show up? When can you feel strategy come in? When do you suddenly feel a plan that lines up with your purpose? That motivation space. For me it's when I read books like Girl Boss or Fabulosity. Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Books like these make me slam them shut, break out the planner and journal and get to goal setting and planning. Having a life coach, mentor or manager helps me to streamline these plans when they become overwhelming for just one person. Where does your motivation to PUSH show up?


And what about your spirit? Where do you go to see your next steps? How do you see the future? Do your sudden amazing ideas come late at night before bed? Do they come when you meditate or how about just when you relax and burn candles? This tends to be the most challenging  space for most people to find. That's ok. With much experimenting, and searching, you will find the best ways to find that part of yourself. For me, stillness, low light, scented candles and a creative activity is a great set up. Perhaps a fun make-up application in the quiet with candles lit. For me makeup time is quiet time. It's spiritual, not because I'm "getting pretty" but because I'm doing a mind-less activity. My spirit shows up when I "turn my mind of and my body off". Stillness, and no room to think as I focus on a visual. Maybe meditation with candle fire before you as your "visual focus".


Prayer seems like the obvious choice here. Be careful in searching for your spirit to guide you when praying. If you seek guidance, then don't decide where you're going. Listen. God speaks, but you have to listen.


Find 2 activities for each part of you.


Now let's work on a week of balance. Plan out your Monday - Sunday. Search for an hour or so in each day. Do a mind activity one day, a body another and a spirit another. Repeat. You'll end up with six days of blanching your being. Chase these activities as much as you chase pleasing other people and you'll be surprised with the fervor in which you will find the time.


On Sunday, rest. Give your full self the opportunity to rest. I bet you, you will feel more level and for some reason, more available to your goals and dreams. You become more available to your calling when you create the balance that your self needs to function fully. This is why the bible asks for our bodies to be presented as a living sacrifice. Our full self is needed to do the work in which we are called to do. Be refreshed. Be centered.


I present these ideas to you in love and without judgement, praying that the future you seek become right before you, with balance, pleasure and peace.  You're not alone. 






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