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It's ok to get cooler... The 1 secret to being absurdly cool.

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Follow my Instagram @chrisettemichele


Hey Bestie,
Ever wonder if it was ok to change and then months later, regret procrastinating because someone you know totally got cooler while you weren't even watching?
I know the feeling. When the BLEEP did my cousins Afro grow into a Diana Ross album cover? And how the heck did my bestie go vegan and loose 20 pounds? What do you mean Mom just got an apartment in the city? Where on Earth have I been and who told them they could make those decisions with out me.
Pull it together Girl! Listen to me clearly. You have the power to give yourself permission to do what ever you want to do. If you're sitting around waiting for someone to tell you, your ideas are AMAZING, you're gonna be waiting a long time!

Here's the truth, everyone isn't watching your journey like you are. Everyone isn't going to take the time out of their day to stop and tell you, "Yo, Chris! You're cool factor has a LOT more potential!".
Get off your "Awkward Black Girl", watching bum and stop whining about how Issa Raye has an HBO series and your YouTube page only has 90 subscribers. I know what it is too... You're afraid to start. I know. I see you boo. It's like you have all these amazing ideas and every time you buy new running shoes you chicken out on the gym membership.
Let me love on you today. (Because, this world is SERIOUSLY LACKING on the love right now...WTH!) You've got some incredible things brewing inside of you. You might look a little awkward or unstable getting your pedicure wet but put one foot in front of the other and dive in! And I'm with you sis, there's nothing less exciting than debuting a new weave on Instagram (BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO FOR A SHOW YOU'RE ADVERTISING) and all of your natural nazi sistah's decide to give you a speech on how much more they like you bald!! I KNOW! Trust me.
You've gotta believe this one secret. Are you ready? You have something to offer. Say it with me, "I have something to offer". Write it down girlfriend, "I HAVE SOMETHING TO OFFER". When you are brave enough to believe that, then you will be brave enough to embrace the powerful YOU that God created.

It's not the deepest secret ever written but girlfriend, it's what separates the dooers from the waiters. Believing that your purpose and message is urgent is important. Procrastination sets in when you're wondering if you're enough. Babe!!! Hear me now! YOU ARE!!! I said so!!! Now say so! Even if it looks different. As a matter of fact... I posted a pic of myself in a bathing suit recently and realized that it made other women with curves feel empowered. I procrastinated for days posting it thinking, people will think I'm slutty or thirsty or searching for validation. Are those things true? Nope. And guess what, as afraid as I was of mean comments, negativity and people laughing at my HUGE thighs, I received more love and saw more women feel empowered than I could have ever imagined. I had something to offer.

Be brave. Release your offering and be your version of incredibly friggin cool...TODAY! While the iron's hot!
I love you. I feel you. I'm just keeping it real. You're epic as JAX. Believe that!
Bestie in Our Heads...


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