Monday Morning Mantra | "Greatness Is In My Blood"

Instagram: @chrisettemichele

Instagram: @chrisettemichele

I am so afraid of people leaving. It's my biggest fear. People who I need leaving me.

This week I lost my Aunt Pearl. I don't know if she understood her impact on my life. You're aunties are the ones you hug up on, feel the warmth of their body and take a piece of them with you.

My father has 18 brothers and sisters. Some of them have gone on to be with the Lord, others are here and well.

With one of my fears breaking my heart this week, I feel the impact of Gods love. Knowing how terrible I am with loss, gives Him the opportunity to heal and fill. Thanks God. ❤️

With these prayers, I've decided today to be charged. I will be charged with the voice and the brightness that was in her eyes. I will be charged with the Jazz that was in her voice. I will be charged with the humor and the fervor. The creativity and the brave that was in her greeting.

Greatness is in my blood. It's in the blood of the lamb that was shed for me and its in the life blood that creates my family legacy.

My life mantra, not just this Monday is, "Greatness Is In My Blood". Giving honor to the incredible family that I've been blessed to love and adore, I will fly across the country to be by my family's side and celebrate the greatness that is in our veins.

 Aunt Pearl, rest in peace. 

Now as I imagine pretty pearls filling up my insides and glowing thru my skin, I say farewell to her life on Earth but not to her life in my heart nor in heaven. May you sing with me on stage and laugh with me as I greet new strangers. Elegant & sassy, beautiful & street.

I love you Aunt Pearl. We love you. 

Little Chrissy


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