Monday Morning Mantra: "You Will Get There With A Sound Mind"


Instagram: @ChrisetteMichele

Instagram: @ChrisetteMichele

Profess this over your life this morning, "I Will Get There With A Sound Mind".


You can't get there with out your mind


Thinking towards your goal, speaking towards it and believing are just as important as walking towards your goal.


It's a wonderful thing to be busy. It looks good for Instagram photos and everyone around you. For some of us, being busy makes us feel validated in a fast moving world.


It's important that we take the time to stop and speak to ourselves and God. Here we can filter out the fluff that inevitably blocks our path and clouds our vision.


Having a sound mind means that you know where you want to go, your convicted about it and confident. This is how you direct your feet, not the other way around.


Take the time today to pray. Stop and listen. Are you speaking to your feet from a sound mind? Are you walking to the beat of your own heart or are you just here, letting the time pass and keeping up with the crowds.


I love you so much and I know you're going to reach every goal you set as you seek the Kingdom first.





PS... I bind the hand of the enemy, that would try and strip the young people of their sanity. I claim peace and prosperity as well as productivity in the young people right now, in Jesus' precious name. Amen.


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