Monday Morning Mantra | "I Will Stick With It"

“I Will Stick With It”

Instagram @chrisettemichele

Instagram @chrisettemichele

Sometimes, if not all the time, my Monday Morning Mantra’s are to me. This one certainly is personal. 

In life, we often ask God for something great. We know who we can become and we ask Him to bring us to our destiny. 

We find the opportunity after much searching, to grow into just what we believe we are called to be or do. The tricky part ends up being when the going gets tough. 

I’ve found myself many times in life running full speed away from what I know will bring me to success. I see from the very beginning just where it can go. I walk into the place set before me, to carry me to my dream and a little while into the new surrounding I am met with hardships. Someone makes me un-comfortable. An insecurity shows up. I’m intimidated. I feel less than or not enough. Somebody laughs at me or talks behind my back and I’m instantly broken. Has that ever happened to you?  

Perhaps you're in a place in life where you’ve been brought smack-dab to your path and while walking down it, things get scary. Your knees lock up. Your breath gets short. You’re sweaty and losing patience. I want to encourage you today. I want to push you to keep going. 

Does life often give you an opportunity and you push thru with it and just before your breakthrough you bow out? If you’re anything like me, and I am incredibly human, you’ve faced fear. You’ve faced insecurity. You’ve been pushed to what you decided your limits are. 

Today I want to tell you that every great success in your life will push you past your limits. Great success requires not only great action, but great action consistently. 

I didn't get where I am with out being petrified. The key to over coming fear is walking it out. It doesn't go away just because you don't like the way it feels. It goes away because, in spite of it, you run full speed ahead. Plan your mission once you see it clearly and when fear comes up, follow the steps you've written out. Always have your plan in front of you so that when fear comes and your nerves get frazzled, you have your plan right in front of you to follow. (I'd love to teach you more about how I do this in another blog on journaling to overcome fear. Let me know if you'd like me to create a workshop or blog for that in the comments section.) You've got this my friend. You just have to stay on task.  

Say it with me, “I will stick with it”. Stick with it. Push past your limits. Break the walls and the boundaries you give yourself for fear of being seen out of your element. For fear of being seen petrified. You will get to your goals. You will meet your dreams. Everyone who laughed at you, talked about you behind your back or noticed your insecurities will sit back and watch. The truth is, it’s quite likely, that they wish they had what you have so they could be who you're going to be. 

I’ll tell you a secret. People watching can usually see in you exactly who you are called to be. They will watch you be petrified with out encouraging you. They will watch you walk away and help you pack your bags. They will rub your back while you complain and the moment you run, they will take your place and do YOUR position no justice. Keep your pretty eyes open. Smile at the ones who smile at you. Smile at the ones who don’t. But more than anything. Smile at yourSELF in the mirror and say, “I Will Stick With It.”.

I love you so much and it’s my honor to share this moment with you. Be encouraged Beautiful and talk with me down below in the comments section. Don’t forget to like and share with a friend who might need to hear these words. 


Chrisette Michele

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