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Instagram : @chrisettemichele

Instagram : @chrisettemichele

My mother's a teacher. My father's a teacher. My Grandad, my uncle, my aunts, my cousins. Why did I think I was gonna get away with out feeling the pull?  Fun fact... My first major was Music Education. Let's talk...

Ok, so basically I wanna share with all the people I meet who ask me tons of questions about the music industry, where they fit in, and how they can get their music out there.  

I'm constantly writing class-room style materials, books, workshops and recording video but NEVER putting them out. What?! Yes. It's true. It's like I'm shy (code for petrified).  

Here's the deal... I know so many of my fans are singers and artists. I know so many of my fans are kind and positive. I know so many of my fans have a million gifts to offer but I also know I can't sign every fan to my record label. So! I'm starting a University. Whaaaaaaat?!! Yes boo. A university. 

Rich Hipster University is an online workshop based course that will teach my "fans who art", how to find their niche, how to identify their sound, how to finish a song, write an album, create a Press Kit, market themselves on social media and so much more. It's for the young beautiful spirited entrepreneur who wants to give but doesn't want to be robbed of their spirit and light while doing so.

I've learned so many lessons the hard way. There's no reason why I can't help somebody else from making the same mistakes. I even wanna talk to my girls about wearing stilettos proudly in a male dominated field and my male teammates have a few messages for the bro's about keeping their standards high, managing mula and leading with integrity. 

So! If your one of my "fans who art" and you've been stuck trying to figure out the next steps to become your greatest you, let me help you! 


Join the email list below and become a friend of Rich Hipster University while it's still in its beginning stages. It launches this winter (Let's just say it has something to do with Black and Friday). I want you guys, "Rich Hipster Nation", my faithful's, to be the first to know and the first to share. 


Share this post with your favorite artist pals. Sign up below to recieve the details before anybody else and get ready for a super cool learning experience that I can't wait to share. I'm creating workshops, lectures and planning live "Master Class Phone Calls"  now! Tell me what you wanna learn in the comment section below and don't forget to sign up and share this blog with a "friend who arts"!


As usual, I love you so much! Stay Rich in Heart & Rich in Art! 





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