Monday Morning Mantra : "I am Great Enough to be Myself Wherever I Go"

Instagram: @chrisettemichele

Instagram: @chrisettemichele

 "I Am Great Enough to be Myself Wherever I Go"

Quickie but goodie. Truth is, we've been trained to do away with any part of us that isn't like everyone else. Turquoise nail polish in the winter? White after Labor Day? Singing down the aisle, alone in the grocery store? Ummm... Yes. I do them all. And I smile at strangers. And I ask people if I can talk to their kids. And I make breakfast for dinner...

The world is here for us. There's so much going on so often that we forget our small freedoms. I know bad things happen. I know there is reality. I know life isn't always full of rainbows, but what about when it is?

When is it ok to say, "I live here. I feel this way. This is my personal experience."? It's an option. It's yours for the taking, you've just gotta give yourself permission.

Listen, this is your life, now. Experience it. Anyone who can't handle it, might they be gently enlightened.

Let me hear you say it, "I am great enough to be myself wherever I go.".

Peacefully and with Respect,


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