Monday Morning Mantra : "I Am Good Enough to be Good to Myself"

Instagram : @ChrisetteMichele

Instagram : @ChrisetteMichele

 "I am good enough to be good to myself"


Often times as women we become so comfortable with the words people put on us. Whether we were abused as children, bullied in school or mistreated by a man or many men, we carry words with us.


Womb holders, women, we are conditioned to carry. It's in our nature to commit to holding a load. The difference between carrying a burden and carrying a gift is that a burden doesn't birth life. Let the carrying be joy.


Be good to yourself. Take the time to recover. To heal. Take the time to lay before the Lord and release the bondage and the pain that you've carried. For my ladies recovering from an especially broken heart, I recommend an amazing book called, "It's Called A Break-up because it's Broken". I've read that book after a broken heart and recovered miraculously.


We can get so caught up in the rigmarole of the day, that we forget to take care of us.


Someone told you, you weren't good enough. Someone told you, weren't worthy. You carried that. Today I charge you to release it.


You can treat yourself to self love, to self celebration. Your thighs can be a trophy. Your hair can be a crown. Your breasts can be propped up! Yes! You know? When I began college, I had just gotten out of an awful relationship. I was so ashamed of my body that I walked hunched over and tucked my tushy in. I'd have on a Yankee fitted and big Sony professional head phones. People thought I was a tom-boy. The truth is, I was broken and insecure about my body because I was told that I wasn't enough. I remember when I met the man of my dreams (now my fiancé) and he would take me shopping. We got clothes that fit and bras that showcased my rubies. People thought I'd lost weight and slimmed down. I didn't. I was just standing tall and proud, finally loving myself. Now, when people ask me how I lost so much weight, I know they're seeing an emotional weight loss. I just smile. The truth is, happiness looks good on everyone, and there's nothing wrong with allowing it to take over your life.


Don't let anyone tell you, you're not allowed to be happy or that happiness isn't attainable. It is, you can have it and you deserve it.


Chin up belle. Say these words, "I am good enough, to be good to myself". Now don't waver.


I love you with the love of the Lord this morning! Got question about this? Ask them down below. I love chatting with you gals.




Chrisette Michele


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