A Tulum Vacation

Hubz… That’s what I call him… decides to give me a trip to Tulum for Valentine’s day. As soon as we finished our last show in San Fran, we were off to the airport and far, far away into the land of Tulum. Beautiful ocean every where and most importantly fish tacos and margaritas. I wrote a song about it. (Coming soon).  22 Milestone shows, 33 cities (over 120 performances) for Love Jones the Musical, 18 cities for Married But Single, a new album on my own label, Gospel at the Inaugural Ball, and wedding dress shopping. Answer? Tulum.

Anyways, I don’t have many words, but a few photo’s to share the most perfect rendezvous after a crazy and eventful 365 days. So grateful for a man who loves me and isn't afraid to show it. 

Beautiful musicians play on the beach. I love the sound of an upright bass. 


Suntan oil and relaxation. I'm 2 shades darker and I love it. I am a sun bather. 




Something so captivating about these huge rocks up against the perfect turquoise waters.


A moment in the Mayan Ruins. I really enjoyed taking in all of the history. 

I'm pretty sure everyone knows to eat Mexican in Tulum. The quesadillas are second to none. 

I'm pretty sure everyone knows to eat Mexican in Tulum. The quesadillas are second to none. 


Massages are my favorite, especially outside by the ocean. Thanks hubz.


Another breathtaking moment at the Mayan Ruins. I adore being a tourist. It's my favorite.


I hope you've enjoyed a small peek into my world. Tulum was a most perfect time. 

Back to work, 

Chrisette Michele


PS 💋 Have a drink. Relax a little.


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Take Deep Breaths | Monday Morning Mantra's by Chrisette Michele

Instagram: @chrisettemichele

Instagram: @chrisettemichele

Is anybody even breathing anymore? Are we all zombies running ahead at the speed of life, updating our iPhones, speeding on expensive coffees and binge-watching our favorite reality series on our day off?  At what point in the week do we put time aside to pull in a deep breath and release? Can we hear our thoughts? Can we hear our own ideas?

Take some time to breathe today, alone and in silence. Get alone with your own thoughts. Let them ease thru your body, breathing in and out, hearing the breath and feeling it. Experience where in your body the breath goes. Experience gratitude for the breath. Experience refreshing from the breath. Before you rush back to moving as fast as an airplane, be alright with the bigness of breath itself. You didn't create it. You didn't give it to yourself. You can’t control it, but with out it you are with out life. Let that be humbling. Let that remind you not to take any moment for granted. Let that remind you not to be moved by the frenzy of the day. The truth is, none of these moments we are rushing to are promised. All we have is this breath to be the best we can. 

Experience this life with your conscious grasp on each breath. In and out, with gratitude, with ease and with humility. 

With Love, 

Chrisette Michele


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No Political Genius by Chrisette Michele | Track 1: "No Political Genius"

Chrisette Michele decides to create conversation in chaos with a poetry album she entitled with her infamously coined phrase, "No Political Genius".  She invites listeners to stop bickering and start listening to each other's points of view.

With poignant detest for the system, disappointment with celebrity jabs and dedication to women's rights, Michele really takes a well spoken stab at holding hands with America in hopes of beginning some real dialogue. Take a listen to the first installment from the project, "Still American":





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We Can't Be Present If We're Silent | An Open Letter

We Can't Be Present If We're Silent

Instagram: @ChrisetteMichele

Instagram: @ChrisetteMichele


"My heart is broken for our country, for the hopes of our children, for the fights of those who came before us.

I cry at the thought that Black History, American History might be in vain.

This country has had great moments. God has shined His light upon us.

Today, I hope that Great Moments begin in peaceful & progressive conversation. I am willing to be a bridge. I don't mind "These Stones", if they allow me to be a voice for the voiceless.

I am here.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "Our lives begin to end, the day we become silent about what matters,".

I am here, representing you, because this is what matters."


- Chrisette Michele




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Love Is Big | Monday Morning Mantra's by Chrisette Michele

Instagram: @ChrisetteMichele

Instagram: @ChrisetteMichele

Ever loose faith in love? A bad break-up? A disappointment in life? Maybe you lost a close friend?

Every once in a while something happens and we get discouraged about the existence of love. I wanted to give you a little squeeze around the waist and remind you that even though the world can feel cold at times, love still exists. It’s so important that we see love in the little things. The budding of a flower. The birthing of a child. The waking to a new sunrise. 

Love is bigger than us. Often we have to look for it in the ways that may not be connected to a person but to the very existence of it. Breath. Birds chirping. A warm cup of tea. Let love appear in ways that you didn't look for it before. Search for it in ways that soften your soul. Refresh your mind. Calm your muscles. Calm your spirit. 

Perhaps its with a morning stretch. Perhaps its with a long walk thru nature. Maybe it’s a meal you cook yourself. Experience love by looking for it in ways you never thought of. Before you know it, you’ll be surprised at how surrounded you feel by love.  Love is so available if you would just take the time to seek it out in the simplest ways. It’s big enough to fill every void. It’s great enough to soothe every ache. It’s big if you’re bold enough to seek it in every form. Let it be what makes you smile. Let it be what brings you peace. Allow it to be what warms your soul. Enjoy it and revel in it. 

Open up that broken heart again. Breathe thru those disappointments. Forgive those old hurts and pains. Fill those places with the love you seek and love itself will be attracted to the love you in turn have with in. I promise. 

With Love, 

Chrisette Michele


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January Article | "Wig vs. Fro"

I'm back on the Tube in 2017! | Setting off every first Monday with an installment of "ARTICLES BY CHRISETTE MICHELE"! | I can't be more excited to share my thoughts on natural hair verses Wigs. I get loads of questions, especially face to face at Meet & Greets about my hair. It's AWKWARD TO SAY THE LEAST! Well girls, let's get officially un-comfortable! Here are my answers to all the Q's! Enjoy! & Happy New Year! 


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"How I Write, In 5 Easy Steps" | #WorkLifeWednesdays

Chris? How do you write your blogs?

Instagram: @ChrisetteMichele

Instagram: @ChrisetteMichele


Writing is so fun for me. It's even therapeutic. I'm a professional songwriter but blogging is just as challenging. Mostly because of wanting to give consistent material with the same tone, feeling and subject matter. I've enjoyed the process of blog writing. It's really helping me to release the creativity I harbor in between albums.


Here's my blog writing process in five fun steps:

1. Just a thought - I might suddenly get the answer to a question someone asked me. It might just spark in my mind. Or, I might be reading a great book (I'm ALWAYS READING) and I'm suddenly super inspired to write down an idea. Don't take those delicious sudden bursts of thought for granted. If they aren't just for you, don't be stingy! Give your thoughts! 

2. Letter to a friend - I like the tone of friendship. So that's the way I write my blogs. I open up my notes section on my phone and make believe I'm sending a friend who asked a question a super long text.  I usually have a friend in mind. I might be thinking about a favorite cousin or a group of girls from my youth group. I keep people in my head when I'm writing and picture their response. Sometimes I'll even add my response to their response ... Like I might write "I know right?" Or "yes girl... I'm serious", after an un-believable point. 
My favorite way to be is personable. It gives me the confidence to be fully honest. Being personable means that if I'm saying something that someone doesn't agree with, at the very least, I said it as myself. It leaves out the guess work. It's like, I don't have to wonder if they were offended by my tone. They simply have a differing opinion. I'm ok with that.  (Am I rambling? Ok... Let's move on.)

3. Is it blog appropriate? - Once the letter is written I usually leave it alone. I don't even look at it again until it's posting time. I've got tons of letters just sitting in my notes section or laptop waiting for post days. I think it's important to let the idea breathe. When I come back to the letter later, I realize, oh that's no good or OMG that's PERFECT for what's going on right now! On post days I think about what I would like to say, and what the subject matter should be. I scroll thru my letters and pick a winner.

4. Doctoring it up - This is my favorite part. I enjoy this step in songwriting also. (Take my course on Artist Development if you wanna learn about that!) This is the part where I...

• Give the post a title

• Read thru the post to see what coincides with the title and what doesn't

• Add a warm ending or introduction based on who I believe my current audience is

• Add any promotions or special sales, links to other things I'd like to share or marketing I believe the reader may have interest in. (Like This 🙃)
This part can be a little painful because I do a lot of subtracting here. I think that's important. Don't wanna over-friend the audience. We're cool but, ain't no body got time for a novel.

5. Share it with a smart person who thinks you're an idiot - Well, that's not nice but someone who doesn't sugar coat. I'll be honest, this step bores me. I can be so big headed sometimes that I think my post is BRILLIANT. I'll share it with a pal and they'll be like, "ma'am... No.", so as a female artist in the music industry who hates the word "no", I'm pretty stubborn. I don't ALWAYS do this step, but I quite likely should. I like sharing with my mom. A cousin. Someone who "looks like the audience you wanna speak to".  I make sure to do it if I'm not positive if it's appropriate. I recently kept a post to myself because it was a little too personal so early on in our blogging relationship. This step can bruise your ego a little bit, but I'd rather one critic who loves me than a critic who doesn't know how sensitive I am.

A couple of quick thoughts? Keep your subject matter clear and concise. Answer your blog email questions. Hang out in the comment section at least 1x a week. You're building a relationship with real living people. You'll grow to love them as they grow to love you but like any relationship, it takes time, effort and consistency.


Well! That's how I write my blogs! I hope all you aspiring writers and blog writers were inspired to keep pushing! Tell me in the comments which of the five steps spoke to you the most!  

With love, from a learning blogger,
Chrisette Michele


Wanna learn more from me, as I specially cater to your climb in the music industry? Click the ENROLL NOW button and enroll in Artist Development with me! A 12 week course where we tackle all your industry questions one week at a time. Full with weekly lectures, monthly live master classes and assignments especially created for up-and-coming artists in the music biz! 


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This Is Positive Thinking

Instagram : @ChrisetteMichele

Instagram : @ChrisetteMichele


Positive thinking is simple actually. It's simply imagining the best instead of imagining the worst. 

Before I begin each day I take out 20 minutes to imagine it. I don't leave my bedroom or hotel room with out seeing my day in the best way before I experience it. I do believe that positive thinking influences what comes to me and what I experience, how I perceive the day and how it affects me. 

Try this exercise in positive thinking. It's one of my most treasured practices.

 1. Sit in a quiet place

2. Close your eyes

Breathe in and see where you are now in your mind. See the place where you sit. See your body.












 What will you do this morning? Imagine the most positive outcome for your day's first task. Is it a healthy breakfast? What will you eat? Envision ur food... It's flavor...

 What's next?

 Go thru your day. Morning, work, children... Each part of the day from its beginning to end. Imagine how wonderfully you will do in every task you have set for the day.

Imagine all of the positive outcomes from the beginning of the day till its ending. How will you rest when your day is done. What pajamas will you wear?

 Breathe deep into your day. Send positive emotion towards it.

 Breathe positive thoughts to the people you will share it with. Breathe. In out. 

Once more.

Open your eyes.

Experience your day knowing that you have an intention. Breathe as life happens today. Expect positive outcomes. Think of them and breathe into them before they arrive.

This is positive thinking.

Today as you go thru your experience, remember back to the things you imagined for yourself. When you find yourself IMAGINING something that isn't positive, stop yourself. The truth is, the negativity you're imagining hasn't happened and it isn't true. So don't take the time to worry about it. Sometimes I imagine there will be unicorns in my dressing room. It's better than worrying about some negative thing I've conjured up in my mind.  

Be be as bright and full of light as you desire. There's nothing wrong with thinking highly of a day you haven't experienced. The same way you can fear a day, imagining the worst outcomes, you can welcome a day, imagining the best.   I hope this simple positivity exercise was helpful. 

Imagine the best with positive thinking and I guarantee you'll have better days ahead.


Chrisette Michele

Let me know down below in the comments if you tried this and how it affected you. Tell me also if you would like to have this as an audio talk thru ❤️ 


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Monday Morning Mantra | I Will Go With the Flow Observant and Active

I will go with the flow, observant and active.

Instagram @chrisettemichele

Instagram @chrisettemichele


It's a wonderful thing to have ambition, be goal oriented, push past your limits. An equal skill is stillness.


Often times we are told that we need to hustle. We are warned to "watch out for so and so" because they're on our tail. We run as fast as we can to un-thought out, un-formed, under-prepared paths just because we want to be the first. Meanwhile, there's someone miles behind us, gracefully absorbing the lessons and applying them to their progress.


Experience today. Look at it from many perspectives. Breathe "at" it. If there's a moment in the day that "doesn't suit you", breathe in its direction. Literally. Take a look at what you've decided doesn't "work for you". See it. Breathe towards it. Smile towards it.


Going with the flow doesn't mean being pushed aimlessly in every direction. It doesn't mean you are mindless or irresponsible. It means that you are putting your ego to rest by having gratitude for the things the Almighty has put in your path to bless you and test you.


I asked God to open doors for me to act. Suddenly I was given 4 roles in 4 plays, back to back. I was home for about 20 days in total for an entire year. The chef never cooked anything vegan. I had to create dishes that I could make in a hotel room. I spent nights in hotel rooms that were freezing as the winter came around. We'd sleep in our coats instead of bugging the hotel concierge in the middle of the night. Props fell out of the 50 foot theatre ceiling and close to my head. Actors were let go or added on left and right. Lines changed weekly as we would shift each play to suit the new audience. It was tumultuous. I couldn't see my family for their birthdays or holidays. I didn't get to celebrate new love the way I wanted to. And I missed my bed. It would be natural for me to say "I don't like this, let me run somewhere else. Somewhere better. Somewhere that suits me." But that would be a lot of nerve. I asked to act. Acting came to me. It's a blessing to my finances and my artistic ability. Going with the flow doesn't mean standing by and being taken advantage of. It means waiting out the noise and disruption around what you asked for.


After 13 months of acting non-stop, 2 huge opportunities have risen. I can't share them just yet, but one involves the beautiful cast members of Love Jones and another involves cameras. If I would have run away from the moments I needed to breathe into, I would have forfeited the "rest of what I prayed for".


Today be mindful as you stand still. Remember what you prayed for and be faithful till the end. You'll know when it's truly time to walk away. The door will open widely before you. Find the grace to go with the flow, observant, attentive, actively breathing toward every part of the journey that challenges you. Wear that slight smile. Focus a soft eye before you and see the light ahead.


With Love,


Chrisette Michele


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Monday Morning Mantra | "I Am Victorious"

Instagram: @chrisettemichele

Instagram: @chrisettemichele

Not every experience I have is as wonderful backstage as it seems on the outside. Getting onto red carpet lines is a total drag. You have to drive your car around the block a few times until the lady who announces each celebrity is ready for you.  

There's a mob of people on the actual carpet pushing their way thru like a NYC street on Thanksgiving, trying to get their client the best interviews. 

Someone with your best interest keeps walking up to your face and dusting you with powder, pushing pins into your hair and tugging at your skirt so that by the time you arrive at the "event" you're frazzled from interview questions, "look this way" shouts and flashing lights. You smile. Because there's a camera somewhere all the time at every party and god-forbid you take a bad picture.

Before you can even check Instagram to see what website posted the best pic of you, Media Take-out has already done a story on the size of your new breasts. (Also known as a new bra, thanks.) ... But you push thru. 


Show time is everybody's favorite hour. The audience stands waiting for the music to begin. Everything you've spent years practicing is at the tip of your tongue and you wait for the curtains to open when someone walks over to you from production and says, "take out scene 4, 5 and 6. Don't lean on the tables today, they aren't secure and there's no 2nd verse in the 3rd song, the piano just broke". As much as you'd like to remember this all, you're nerves are frazzled from the last minute changes and you forget your lines in Act 1, scene 1. But you push thru and at the end of the night, the audience cheers during your bow and luckily, you made it. 

Autograph signings are a favorite. But there are moments there too that should be avoided. Then there are the road trips with the movies and the potato chip runs in-between cities. The massages for the aching muscles. Hair & makeup over the road breakouts. Nothing has one angle. Everything has facets. But we push thru.

In order to create humility in us, our circumstance can't be perfect. We have to learn stamina, "chin-up-ness" and "pick-it-up-ness". Life is NUTS! We get hit left and right with things we would never imagine. Heart breaking, back breaking, exhausting stuff. The testimony isn't how we made it thru a breeze of a life, it's how we made it thru the storms. They make us stronger, more resilient and tough. 

The thing about storms is, most people looking at me, don't know when I'm going thru one. It's not my responsibility to display the pain. It's my responsibility to deliver the child God has planted in my belly and gift the world with what was birthed thru me. The stage lighting isn't my responsibility. The lines are. I will never have all the perfect perks. But if I can just manage to remember most of the lines that I've been given and shine the light from within, I can make it to the other side. Victorious. 

Decide to be victorious today. Push thru. Remember your goal. Remember His promise. Remember your lines. The ones planted deep in your soul. Be diligent and don't get weary in well-doing. On the other side, you will reap, if you don't give up.

I love you and I hope you're encouraged today. What ever you're going thru is only a test for your testimony. Push thru my love.




Chrisette Michele


Hey! Don't forget to get on the list for Rich Hipster University. Classes start January 4th! 


PS... I dedicate this post to the loves of my life who I just spent the last 4 months with, the Love Jones cast, crew and leasership. It hasn't been easy. We have literally cried, had feelings we may not be proud of, and laughed hysterically. I am stronger for it. I am better for it and I have new friendships from it. I love you each, thru thick and thin. We made it to the other side (and back 👀). You are brave, loyal and resilient. You are hard workers and humble. Cheers! Till next time. You each have my love.  


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